Going Afraid

Over and over again I have had the realization that sometimes in life you are just going to be afraid, but you're going to have to do it anyways. Yesterday I was at a coffeeshop with some friends and we were all working on different projects. This girl walks in and apparently knows one of … Continue reading Going Afraid

No More Fear

Sometimes I sit down to write about a certain topic, and I get halfway through what I want to say and realize that I don't want to finish it. Sometimes crushes just aren't that important, or poems aren't meant to be read by everyone. Whatever the case, I gave up my previous post about graduating … Continue reading No More Fear

There Is No End

I've always known that I'm terrible at communication. At least when said communication, is me communicating when things are not okay. Equalling me confronting someone; a friend, an employee, a parent, etc. I'm terrible at it because it usually needs to happen after a certain amount of time has passed and the same thing has continued to … Continue reading There Is No End