Going Afraid

Over and over again I have had the realization that sometimes in life you are just going to be afraid, but you’re going to have to do it anyways.

Yesterday I was at a coffeeshop with some friends and we were all working on different projects. This girl walks in and apparently knows one of my friends and he introduced us to her.

Later, when I was about to leave, my friend looks at me and says “you should give her a word” pointing at his friend.

For those of you who don’t know what that means. It basically means asking God if He wants to say anything to someone, a word of encouragement or a prophetic word. Listening. And then sharing it with someone.

Without missing a beat, I say “I don’t have anything.”

“You didn’t even ask” he says. Which threw me. Honestly. In my past three years of being involved in a ministry school and a church that does prophetic ministry, no one has ever challenged me in this way. If I had said I didn’t have anything people would take my word for what it was and not push it. But he pushed it.

I walked downstairs to go to the bathroom and I was like fine I’ll ask.

So I just say (in my head) God do you have anything for her?

And then I saw this picture. Shoot. He did have something for her.

I heard someone come into the restroom and I was like oh if that’s her I can tell her really quick and leave and not have to encounter my friend who had challenged me.

It wasn’t her. And so I paced around for a good minute before I got up the courage to walk back upstairs. I looked to where she was sitting and there was my friend smiling at me because he knew.

I walked over and super awkwardly gave her the word I thought God was speaking to her. And this girl who I knew nothing about got up and gave me a hug saying “that means so much to me.”

I was so relieved. I said goodbye and started walking out and I heard her say to my friend “did you tell her anything?”

It was one of those dumb humbling moments where you’re like “Okay God, I get it.”

That was more important than my fear. The fact that this girl, who for all I know doesn’t believe in God, knew that in that moment God knew her and loved her.

I have been fighting my fear for a long time thinking that I can’t do things if I’m afraid, but that is not even close to being the case.

Almost always there will be fear, and there will be the opportunity to do it anyways.

Yesterday, I chose doing it anyways. I chose going forward afraid, but trusting that God had me.

And everyday I will trust in the fact that God always has me, and that even if I am afraid, I can do it anyways.


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