Made For More

When I was a junior in college I got my first tattoo.

Now, for those of you who don’t like tattoos I can understand that this may not affect you.

But for those of you who do have tattoos, do you remember dreaming up things that you wanted to get before you got any? Trying to find the perfect tattoos, or maybe ones with a lot of meaning. Or maybe you just got them because they looked cool. All good reasons.

For me, tattoos have mostly always been about the meaning behind them.

So when I was a junior in college, I made the leap.

I was struggling a lot with my health and wanting to be more healthy and workout and a friend of mine had this book called Made To Crave.

I only remember reading the first chapter before I found it. The author was talking about how we were “made for more.” No I don’t remember the context. But I remember how I felt.

I felt as though “made for more” was the most encouraging butt kicking statement that I had come across. Ever. Just the fact that God has made us for more.

I had spent years dreaming up all these tattoos and never doing it and then I read that line and two weeks later I got “made for more” tattooed on my foot.

My friend liked the concept so much that she eventually got it tattooed on her as well. Then that summer I did my internship in Massachusetts and the pastor’s wife there saw mine and ended up getting it tattooed on her foot.

My first tattoo, would follow me wherever I went. Literally and figuratively.

Every time I was struggling or felt stuck, I would simple recite my tattoo. “I was made for more”

It started out as the start of a health journey but turned into my life long motto. I got it six years ago and I feel like in every season of my life I find new meaning in it.

A new way to relate it to something I’m going through.

A new way to see that God has made me for great things. God has made me for more than I could ever have imagined. His dreams are bigger than mine. His thoughts are bigger than mine.

But when it really comes down to it, I was made for him.

I was made for more than this world. I was made for the king.


I follow this woman named Rachel Hollis on social media, and I’m in the middle of her book “Girl Wash Your Face”

The other day she made a post about a conference or some kind of meeting with the hashtag #madeformore

Stunned I clicked on it and there are about 150k posts with that tag.

My tattoo was a movement and until this week I had no idea.

And I am so glad.

This is definitely something that people need to realize about themselves.

Each and every one of us were made for more than anything we could ever possibly imagine. God made us for great things.

So be encouraged.

When you are going through it. When you struggle or when you feel stuck. There is always more.

Know that God wants the best for us and if we let Him, He will get us there.


He will get us to the more.



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