Girl In The Meadow

Awhile back I changed the name of my blog from “A Doubting Girl” to “Girl In the Meadow.”

I’m not sure if many people noticed this, or even really cared, but it happened. And here’s why.

For most of my life, I doubted myself. In almost every single thing that I did. This is why I called my first real blog “A Doubting Girl” because it was the truth, and partially because it seemed dramatic and a little edgy.

I started my blog at a time in my life where I was still figuring out who I was, and now that I know who I am, I want my blog name to reflect that.

Now I could have gone with Daughter something or other, because that is how I walk out my life now (Daughter of God), but I didn’t. Instead, I looked back on a picture that God showed me of myself as a little girl standing in a field with arms stretched wide and flowers in my hand. A picture of me coming to God as a child with childlike faith and just embracing the beauty of where I was at. This is where I want to always stay. Just standing in awe of God with the faith to keep walking out life as His daughter.

So. Girl in The Meadow.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about being believed in. In that post I shared that I have started making stencils and using spray paint to make awesome pieces of wall art. Whether it be with canvas or burlap, I have so much fun making them. So I decided to start my own Etsy shop to hopefully sell them on. I just put up two different items that I just made and I’m super stoked. It’s a very small step to get where I want to be, but I’m hoping that this will take off. My Etsy shop is called GirlintheMeadow.

If you feel like you want to take a gander, my link is below. I’ve also attached a few pictures to give you a feel for what I do. If you want something custom you can also send me a message on here or email and I can give you a quote for a custom design and a time frame. Thanks!

My Etsy Shop



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