Caught Up

Sometimes I let things take over.

I let feelings steer the whole car and I sit back and watch myself crash and burn.

I get caught up.

I get caught up in words. In actions. In things that don’t call for reading into, and yet, here I go.

I overanalyze.

and I’m done.


I’m done trying to read into actions.

I’m done trying to read between the lines of what someone says.

I am honestly sick of myself trying to tell if someone had an underlying meaning in something innocent they said to me.


I need to just take people for their words. I need to take it all at face value.

I can’t live a life where I think that someone likes me, or rather, doesn’t like me because they said something in a certain tone.

I refuse to constantly think that someone is mad at me because they aren’t talking, when really, maybe they just don’t want to talk.


My internal processor has really run away with all of this. I blame being an introvert.

Maybe this is my life test. Shutting down my mind long enough to realize I’m being completely ridiculous.

But also shutting down outside encouragements and other peoples over analyzing.

Sometimes we just need to take a person for their word. And no one else’s.

But maybe that’s just me…

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