Words With Friends

Today I had a conversation with a couple of friends about, well, liking people.

We shared stories, and talked about views on how to go about telling people you like them.

I didn’t necessarily disagree with anything that was said. I mean I do think it would be nice if a woman didn’t have to make the first move, but I don’t think that men have to be the only ones to.

I know in the past I’ve put myself out there first. It was always kind of awkward for me. I would like people and I guess I would want to be with them. But when I would open up and say that I liked them, I didn’t necessarily expect a response, or ask them if they liked me back.

I think I just assumed that if they liked me back they would tell me.

My friend mentioned that he thought girls should be the ones to tell the guys they liked them. Because guys are less likely to get weirded out and feel they need to act differently.

Women on the other hand could and probably would change their whole schedule so they didn’t bump into you on the way to class and give you the wrong idea. (I may or may not have done this).

I guess it’s true. At least for me. Every time I’ve told someone I liked them, I was actually the one to back off. They could have said they were flattered but only liked me as a friend and I would get awkward and weird and stop going out of my way to talk to them.

Maybe this is why I have stopped telling people. Maybe I got to the point where I ruined too many friendships for myself. It wasn’t worth it in the end to say anything.

I think some people are just too scared to say anything, and I completely understand. But at some point, somewhere down the line, there’s going to be someone. There’s going to be someone that you know you can’t live without. And then, fear itself couldn’t be enough to hold you back from expressing how you feel.

And you never know. Maybe they were just too scared to tell you they felt the same.

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