Switzerland: Day 10

After a fun night watching Skyfall with the YWAM students yesterday, today seemed a bit sad having to say goodbye after finally connecting with some of the students. 

We packed up our things and had a last horrah in town. We rode the bus for probably an hour just to see where it went. It was actually amazing getting to spend that time just to go around the town. 

Church was at 5pm and it was awesome. We got to give people words and encourage the whole church. And even pray for YWAM students. 

By the time we got back to the YWAM base, everyone was starving. The soup was amazing and I had three rolls with it. Never ashamed. 

About a hundred sad goodbyes later and we were on our way to Laax. Two hours later and we are all in bed ready to face tomorrow. Which will consist of sleeping in, maybe jumping in the indoor sauna and then meeting the Laax Lighthouse team tomorrow night. 

The trip is quickly coming to an end, but I am so excited to get to know more of our Lighthouse family. 

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