Switzerland: Days 8&9

So yesterday was day 8 and today is day 9. 
Because we’ve had somewhat of a break from commitments and we’ve been able to just hangout I thought I’d combine these two days. 
So yesterday we got to sit in on the YWAM students last class of the week as they got to watch the videos of the prophetic words they were given from people in Mammoth. 

We headed into town after lunch and ended up at a bookstore that also sold Swiss Army Knives. So naturally I had to buy two for my parents and one for myself. And a journal. And another gift for my mom.
Once we were back at the YWAM base Abi and I tried to download a movie but couldn’t. So we both just laid down. She fell asleep and I journaled about personal issues that I will be returning to when I get back to Mammoth. A good time of crying out to God and asking for answers, followed by pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. What else could put me back in a good mood.

Also!!! My Swiss Army Knife has tweezers in it!!! How cool is that? So needless to say my eyebrows are on point today. 

This morning we got to sleep in because breakfast was later. And I really needed the sleep. Abi and I got to come into town with Natalie and Hudson and go to the store. Where I bought pounds of chocolate for everyone at home. 

We ended up back at the bookstore where I used my self control and didn’t buy anything else. 

And now we are back at Kaffee Klatsch for the third day in a row and I’m downloading The Night Before for us to watch when we get back to the base. 

It’s been a nice couple of days to relax, but Abi and I are both eager to head to Laax on Sunday night. 

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