Switzerland: Day 7

Our second day in Davos was pretty laid back. 

Abi and I woke up after breakfast because we stayed up pretty late, but we had orange juice and apples in our room and that was sufficient enough for breakfast. 

Then we headed to the YWAMs class where they recapped all that happened last night. Students had stories about prophesying over strangers and getting to encourage people. 

Hearing their stories was truly amazing because a lot of them lined up with the MLSSM students stories.

Abi and I had given words to this teenage boy who Amanda and a YWAM girl Felicia had gotten to encourage. Then I found out that another student Max had given the same word to one of the girls I had walked up to and given a word to. 

It was all just so amazing. 

After lunch the MLSSM team headed into town to one of Jamie’s favorite coffee shops. Amazing. The food was great and the coffee was even better. 

Following that we went to a designer store called Freitag where literally everything sold there is made out of the tarps that go on the side of the semi truck trailers. It sounded a little weird to me at first too, but it was so awesome. Though sadly too expensive. 

We made our way home and arrived almost right in time for dinner and then had a night of worship. 

The night of worship was the perfect end to a pretty perfect day. But now onto the next. 

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