Switzerland: Day 5

Today was the day of all days, but sadly enough our last full day in Zürich. 

We started off by staying up way too late last night and getting out of bed at 11am. 

Once we had all had breakfast and were ready, we left the house to head to the river and do a prophetic act. We declared Psalms 46 over the city then we made our way onto what we all wanted to do in the city. 

Mainly it consisted of finding souvenirs for our family or friends, but we did end up stopping for an amazing lunch of fondue and dessert. 

Amanda had the desire to go over to the art house and to be completely honest at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but the minute the three of us (Amanda, Abi, and I) walked in it was like walking into a movie where someone is giving their date a tour of the museum themselves and showing them all their favorite pieces. The art was amazing but it was almost more awesome just to listen to a good friend describe her favorite artists and paintings. 

We started to run out of time and had to leave to go catch the bus to take us to the train station where we would be meeting the rest of the team. Except that the bus didn’t show up on time and it didn’t seem that it would be showing up at all. So we began to walk, quickly. 

As it was raining outside, we showed up to the train station 8 minutes late and basically soaking. Oh if only glasses had windshield wipers on them. 

After a quick stop at a chocolate shop and a tiny sugar coma later, we were on our way to a small group meeting where we had the amazing opportunity to be able to speak life into the leaders. 

This day was the best possible day to be our last. Friends chatting about which Swiss boy they should marry and who would be the flower girls at our triple wedding. Chocolate consumption beyond all chocolate consumptions. Pounds of cheese and bread. And feeling the presence of God within every minute of it. 

Zürich has been the most amazing experience and I’m sad to leave, but there is such a peace in my heart that I will make my way back here someday. And I don’t mean next week when we fly out of Zürich airport to go home. 

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