Switzerland: Day 4

Yesterday was our forth day in Switzerland and our second day in Zürich. 

We began our day with breakfast and coffee and then headed out with a wonderful new friend/tour guide. 

We took trains and trams and explored the city of Zürich with someone who knew exactly where we were going.

We prayed over the city and over people and expected that God would show up and move. 

After being joined by another friend, he took us on a tiny historic tour of Christianity through the city. We learned so much about how Christianity began In the city and even just how Switzerland was established.

We took the time to pray over businesses, and the local skatepark, but we also got to stop at a bakery and get some amazing treats. 

Getting home was probably the least exciting part of the day, except for that we got to opportunity to pray for and encourage the ICF small group that was being held where we were staying.

It’s truly amazing to discover new people and realize that the world is so much bigger than the small town of Mammoth that we all travelled from. 

Every single person I have met so far has felt like family. I feel comfortable with them and again the gatherings just feel like family get togethers that nobody wants to leave. 

Unfortunately today is our last day in Zürich and tomorrow we make our way to Davos. Even though we don’t have much planned for the day I know that God is going to show up in extraordinary ways.

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