Switzerland: Day 3

Today was the day we all travelled to stay in Zürich. 

We took a bus, a train, a cable car, and walked up an extremely steep hill to the home in which we were staying on the fourth floor. 

Needless to say our legs are killing us.

We arrived for brunch that consisted of potatoes, cheese, eggs, more bread, and lovely coffee. 

No words can describe the feeling I get when I’m around these people. 

You’d think it would be awkward being surrounded by people who are speaking Swiss-German to each other but surprisingly enough I have felt right at home. 

Every single gathering has been amazing. It’s felt like the longtime awaited family reunion that no one wanted to leave. And it was wonderful.

We did however have to say bye to our lovely hosts from Uster, which wasn’t the best, but we know we have made good friends that we can always think about when we think of this amazing place. 

We also had to say goodbye, temporarily, to our fearless leaders as they left early to make the way to Davos. This was just minutes after their son let me hold him for a large amount of time. And I am convinced that he will love me by the end of the trip. 

After an afternoon jaunt around the nearby streets and a bit of time editing the many photos I took, we had dinner with the housemates. Wonderful spaghetti and salad. Not something I was expecting in Switzerland, but as an Italian I did enjoy the meal. 

A session of being prayed for by the Swiss, and a coat of nail polish later and we are all in bed ready to face tomorrow, which will consist of a tour around town, hopefully some good coffee and a good time with my team. 

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