Switzerland: Day 2

Today started with Abi and I being awake at 4:30 in the morning. Or 7:30pm California time. 

Finally I fell back asleep and then woke up confused at 10:45am. 

After we all raced to get ready, we made our way down to the same house we had Raclette at (about a five minute walk) last night. 

We had an amazing breakfast, at 12pm. Homemade Swiss bread and a bunch of other wonderful things, including more amazing cheese. 

At 2pm Abi and I were crashing a bit on the couch waiting for us to start our staff meeting. Though we made it through, it was somewhat difficult when the couch was so comfortable. 

Finally at 4:30 we were in a living room packed full of the Switzerland Lighthouse members. 

The whole MLSSM team got a chance to share encouraging words and maybe even testimonies that we had that would be encouraging to them. Patti even got to welcome the new Lighthouse to the family with a lighthouse figurine. 

I personally had a wonderful time hanging out with all of our Lighthouse family. I got to pray for a wonderful woman that I had never met before, and the whole night just felt like one of those family gatherings that you don’t want to leave because you all just love hanging out with each other.

Our last night in Uster is going to be a little bittersweet. 

I’ve had a wonderful time with the people we are staying with and the people who most generously provided us with our last three meals. But tomorrow we head to Zürich to stop at our next temporary home and I’m sure get to have even more amazing food. 

Tonight was a whirlwind of being with a family that I had never met before, and it was wonderful feeling like I was a part of something. Something amazing. 

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