Switzerland: Day 1

Today part of the MLSSM team landed in Zürich, Switzerland. 

Exhausted from our lack of sleep and turbulence tossed bodies, we made our way through customs and out into the fresh (though cigarette-smoke filled) air. 

Navigating the trains and buses seemed the same as almost every other city, except for the fact that people were speaking Swiss-German everywhere we went and we passed by completely dumb-founded at the fact that people could know such a intricate language. 

By the time we made it to our host home for the next two nights, we were begging for sleep, and were barely hungry at all. However, that did not stop us from walking to another amazing family’s house and sitting down to a traditional Switzerland Raclette dinner. 

As we talked over our cheese and potatoes and an amazing dipping sauce, that I refuse to leave the country without, I got to know a few people and learn how much alike humans really all are, even in different countries and cultures. 

I sat at the end of a full table and found myself wishing that my future would be like this. Inviting amazing people into my home for amazing food and wonderful conversation. 

Cute kids playing in the living room and a post dinner cup of tea truly made for a good winding down session. 

Now I lay on my sleeping bag on the floor awaiting the last member of our team to join us from England. 

Once we all have a good nights sleep and hopefully a full recovery from the pounds of cheese we just ate, nothing can stop us from taking on tomorrow, day two of our journey through Switzerland. 

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