The Hello and The In Between

When it all comes down to it, I guess the person I’m mad at the most is myself. I let my mind, and more stupidly my heart, go there.

I checked onto a train going the opposite direction and left them to fend for themselves in the midst of your being.

I wrote off all reason and logic and let my heart really go with it.

I let my mind run with all the encouragements from outer sources, that the feelings of which my heart was taking on could be reciprocated.

I let my mind be changed by positive feedback.

I let my life be turned upside down by your heart.

I let everything that I held dear become nothing compared to being able to spend time with you and make memories that I would have years after you leave.

Stupidly, I allowed myself to really fall for you. Heart and mind.

So here I am. Opening at the coffeeshop after a night filled to the brim with tears and goodbye letters and hope that in some alternative universe you have feelings for me too and it would somehow all work out.

At least five thousand unlikely scenarios race through my mind as I think of the day I say goodbye to you and hand you the letter.

The one I luckily wrote on my phone first rather than paper, otherwise my tears would have made it unreadable.

I think of the best possible scenarios and those still don’t seem to be good enough to will you to stay, or me decide to abandon any previous reservations from our differences in values.

It’s crazy though, because I have seen it. I’ve seen the alternative universe. The one where our values collide. The one where you’re passionate, but not about the same things.

There was this hope in your voice. This hope that something greater could and would answer your prayers.

I saw the fire around your heart as you prayed. It was new and fragile but as you prayed it grew. It grew and took over your whole body in some amazing fashion that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I saw you sitting in front of us all, asking God to be there with us. Asking God things I’m sure you’ve never asked him before.

Then I could see how your heart, paired with Christ’s, was going to change the world like nothing anybody could have ever imagined.

Somewhere I read that it’s okay to love someone who doesn’t love you back, as long as they are worthy of it. As long as they deserve it.

You do.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think we could find anyone who doesn’t love you.

That’s what makes it so hard. You make it really really…REALLY difficult to not love you.

I feel like you would have to try with such vigor to get me to not love you.

I know that it’s different this time. I don’t see you on this pedestal. I haven’t lifted you up to something that you’re not. I haven’t fallen in love with the idea of you.

I can see flaws and some little things that I’m sure down the road would annoy me to no end. But I overlook them, because in all reality they don’t matter. Because it’s you.

Things that used to be a big deal for me have seemed to be just tiny differences in our thinking.

Somewhere along the way, in between me liking you and me trying not to like you and then me throwing caution to the wind and becoming fully head over chucks for you, I saw you. I saw your heart. I saw your dreams and passions and family.

I saw all these things that sometimes it hurts to know that I’ll be forced to live without them. I’ll be forced to say goodbye.

And like I said, the person I’m really mad at is myself. I’m the one to blame.

You took no part in it. You were just there, being yourself. And I was here becoming myself around you.

You sir, were a force of nature, and you came into my life and everything was drastically changed.

So yes I’m upset at myself. But I know that down the road I will never regret it. Any of it.

Getting to know you while secretly harboring feelings for you. Allowing you to be the catalyst that threw me into being myself. Trusting you with tough things, and you in turn completely blowing my mind by how trustworthy you really were.

I don’t now, and will never regret these last six months. It was a whirlwind. It was something that swept me off my feet and made me believe that guys like you actually exist.

So I’m mad. But I am so much more thankful that I ended up here, and ended up meeting one of the most amazing men I have ever met.

Even if it had to end in goodbye, the hello and the in between were the most wonderful things I could have ever asked for.

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