Love Changes Hearts

This morning I had the opportunity to join some new friends for coffee.

I had a great, slow morning and then we showed up to the coffee shop and it was like my mood immediately dropped.

I have no idea if it was the people, or just me, but seconds after walking in I just felt off.

For the past couple of weeks there was a person that I kept encountering that I struggled with a lot. They got on my nerves and they always just seemed like too much for me to handle.

Because of this and a couple of specific experiences, I kind of wrote them off. I wasn’t trying to be mean, it was just how it happened.

Something in me just couldn’t find it in my heart to connect. Realizing now it had nothing to do with her, but more about me and my heart.

Today at the coffeeshop, she expressed frustrations and struggles that she was having in her life and asked if we could pray for her.

I decided that I would try to pray first, and for some reason in the middle of my prayer, I felt my heart shift and I felt my mood improve.

As I was praying I realized that this woman was completely and totally loved by God. I prayed that God would bless her, fully hoping and believing that he would.

It was like as I stepped out to love on and pray for her, God was changing my heart towards her and reminding me that he loves His children, and He loves His children to love His children.

As I made the decision to love her, my heart changed.


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