Take Chances

Last night I made the courageous (for me) decision to make myself a music page on Facebook.

So I did it, I had just finished making an acoustic album (of questionable quality) and put it up on Soundcloud.

I’ve spent so many years afraid to share my music because I thought it wasn’t perfect.

If you’ve read any of my past posts, you know that it got so bad, to the point where I hadn’t written anything or practiced at all because I didn’t want people to hear me.

After I edited my last couple of songs, I set up the album and put it on the internet.

I placed the link on my Facebook page and allowed for all of my friends and family to hear it.

Most of my family doesn’t even know I’m a songwriter/Musician.

I was so scared to be critiqued that I wouldn’t even put myself out there.

But I was wrong.

Instead of hearing words of judgment, I heard words of encouragement.

I saw people posting loving words about my voice, and my talent and telling me congratulations for the album.

I became excited about music again.

I took the chance and put myself out there.

I decided to be faithful to the gifts God has given me.

And because I decided to be faithful, God opened the door on my dream.

Today, a day after I made my page, I get a message from a musician at the church I attend.

He told me that I have an awesome voice and he would love to do guitar, bass, or drums on any of my songs. He has his own studio and went to school for it.

Something that I’ve always wanted to do is finally happening.

So now, I’m thankful that I took the chance and put myself out there.

Because people saw my heart, heard my voice, and they accepted it yes, but they liked it.

Because I remained faithful and I am being rewarded.

God loves to bless his children.

Take the chance.

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