Blessings in Unusual Places

Today was a wonderful day.

I had the awesome privilege to be able to take a day trip to Reno with one of my best friends.

We had everything planned.

We were going to go see a movie and then go into a couple of shops to find her some things for her upcoming trip to Ireland.

After our movie, we went on the mission to find her some nice rain boots.

She tried on a couple of pairs and then found the obvious winners, which were in the clearance section for $70.

Earlier she had stated that she would only want to spend $80 but if she could spend less then that would be cool.

As we made our way out of the clearance section towards the register I made a somewhat joking comment, “I bet they’ll still be less than that.” Thinking maybe that they would be a couple more dollars off.

The lady who rung up her boots was probably even more surprised than us to find that they were only coming up as $5.

Completely dumbfounded and excited, we left the store feeling like the best thing had just happened to us. Well her. But I was there and it even felt amazing for me to see my friend be blessed in such a way.

This was probably the best highlight of the day.

But just for kicks, here’s a few more:

$4 super soft socks at Forever 21 and then the cashier giving me 10% off my whole purchase

70 cent boneless wings at BWW, after we had talked about getting something cheap for dinner and deciding we would get boneless wings.

Seeing one of the youth members that came to our camp a few weeks ago, working at Dutch Bros. She gave us our drinks for free.

$7.50 movie tickets at a nice theater.

The fact that all the cops that we saw today were going in the opposite direction as us.

Did I mention the $5 boots already?!?!?

A few of these I didn’t even think of until I sat down to write this. Because sometimes we have to search for the blessings.

But today we didn’t.

Today they were around every corner, as clear as day.

“We’re so blessed” I kept saying the whole way home because I just still couldn’t believe about the freaking boots!

And the free Dutch Bros! And the $7.50 movie tickets! Like! Are we kidding?!?

God always blesses us, I truly believe that.

But sometimes he just goes completely over and beyond and surpasses anything we could ever imagine.

Today was a blessed day.

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