I Am His and He is My King

Bound by chains, heavy as stones

Pulling and dragging me back, to where I don’t belong.

I pull and I fight, digging my heals to the core

But the chain slips through my fingers, I’m about to lose the war.

I’m tired, and my eyes fill with tears. I look to the sky and a wonderful king appears.

As he stands next to my accuser he begins to speak, and I stand there worthless, sinful, and weak.

They speak for a minute and the accuser gives in, the king smiles at me as the accuser puts MY chains on Him.

When the accuser pulls my king away,

he doesn’t fight back but smiles and waves.

He whispered in my ear, just before he went

The softest sweetest voice, it was hard to know what he meant.

He said, “you were made for a purpose, you’re beautiful and strong,

I’ve paid all your debt, my child run along.

Don’t give in to the accuser’s lies, or stray from the path and lose your life.

I love you my dear, so please choose me,

over pleasure, over sin, over the world, my child follow ME.”

As the tears streamed down my face,

I knelt to the ground at such redeeming grace.

This king paid my debt with His life indeed.

This love, this mercy, all for me?

A king gave His life for a peasant and called me His child.

As excitement rushed through my veins I began to go wild!

I jumped to my feet, my king still in sight

I raced to His side, touched His hand, and was filled with light.

“My king I choose you!” I declared from my knees.

“My Father I love you! Remember me please!”

And my king reached out His shackled hand, and placed it on my heart.

“My child more than all the grains of sand, we shall never part.”

I laid my head down at His feet,

And when I rose, He was nowhere to be seen.

I hear a soft whisper every now and then,

a reassuring “I love you” and I tear up again.

This love was so unfathomable, nothing can compare.

Yet sometimes I forget that he’s even there.

But when I am in trouble, I know that he’s around.

Paying all my debts, without even a sound.

He fought for my life, because it has a purpose.

So there is absolutely no reason to think I am worthless.

A king called me His own, His child, beautiful and strong.

I am His princess and in His kingdom I belong.

This world has nothing for me, but tricks and misery.

But my kings kingdom….

THAT… is where I was always meant to be.

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