Truth for My Burdened Heart

Today I look out into the sky, and say that I was made for more.

I lost all of who I was, in order to conform.

Like I’ve said before, I did this on my own.

No one made me like those things, in order to find a home.

Within the hearts of some “good” friends.

Who weren’t really my friends at all. 
I have found the one whom my heart loves and do you know what He has said?
“Michelle my dear you are who you are. I made you this way, I love you with all my heart. 

I accept you and I am pleased, so please stop putting your identity in anything other than me.”

I’m accepted by the one that truly cares.

Yet I have let others opinions even dictate, how I cut my hair. 

Finally I see that I am adored.

By the gracious King of Kings and the Holy Lord of Lords. 

I am beautiful and I am smart. 

And God is the one protecting my heart. 

I am worthy and I am enough.

Even when believing it is tough. 

I am funny and I am caring.

And sometimes even just a tiny bit daring.

This truth has settled in my heart. 

And now I would die before I let it part. 

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