I Need To Get Out of the Boat.

We all know the story about Peter getting out of the boat to walk on the water to Jesus.

He saw the wind and he got scared. He began to sink, So he cried out to Jesus “Lord save me!”

Then Jesus grabs him, pulls him up, and says “You of little faith…why did you doubt?”

I think we can all identify with Peter. But I identify more with the former Peter; the Peter before he takes the risk and steps out of the boat.

I sit on the edge of the boat and watch. I watch as other people take their risks and have faith getting out of the boat to be with Jesus.

See I think that I’m with Jesus, and I think that I’m taking risks, when really I’m just finding something new in the boat to catch my attention.

I’ve always thought that maybe I had my eyes on the waters and I was sinking and just needed to call out for Jesus to save me.

But in all reality, I don’t think I’ve ever even trusted him enough to get out of the boat.

I’ve been waiting to “feel” close to the Lord, but I don’t take the steps to back that desire.

I go through the motions that may make it seem like I am with Jesus out on the water.

But if anybody actually looked hard enough, they would see me back on the boat sticking my toes in the water, testing how cold it will be when I sink.

I need to trust my Lord.

I need to risk everything to be with my Lord.

I need to get out of the boat.

3 thoughts on “I Need To Get Out of the Boat.

  1. Augury Harbinger says:

    I did get out and walking on the drink is mostly easy (after ten years of practice) but sinking is much easier. Visit my blog, read my Unfolding Testimony.

  2. tjustincomer says:

    To put a first century Jewish context upon this story, it is important to know that when you follow a rabbi, your intentions are to learn everything you can about how they follow God. You eat with them, spend the day with them, sleep along side of them, listen to them debate and answer questions, and in all things you ask the question, “How can I be like my rabbi?” That is your hope: to be exactly like your rabbi. When Peter saw Jesus on the water, he didn’t ask to get out of the boat because he wants to try something new. He wanted to be exactly like his rabbi, who just so happened to be walking on water. When Jesus asks him, “Why did you doubt”, Jesus was not asking why Peter doubted Jesus. Jesus never started sinking. Rather, the question was, “Why did you doubt yourself? Did I not choose you, thus showing that I believe you have what it takes to be like me?”
    Grace and peace in Christ, dear little one. I hope this helps to inspire you a bit.

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