Love is Work

Recently I’ve had one thing become so real to me, it’s like I was slapped in the face with it.

I think sometimes we grow up thinking that love is this magical thing that is just perfect and painless and completely free of complication.

But now I think I finally understand that it’s not.

It’s not easy. There’s not some model you can follow either.

Last week I watched this random country movie on Netflix. This women’s husband was arrested and had lied to her and she had gotten so fed up she basically turned her back on him. She ends up running into an old guy friend in her hometown and he’s there to comfort her, but you can tell that there’s more to it. By the end of the movie you think that she’s going to divorce her husband and then most likely end up with this other guy. Then out of nowhere the movie completely turns around and she’s decided to take the risk and trust her husband again, and to truly fight for their marriage, and their love.

I cannot tell you how bad I was crying at the end of that movie.

I was just so astounded. These days we see people leaving their significant others for other people, divorcing their spouses because it was too hard. But this movie, this movie was the truth to what love should be.

It was like all of my confusion about love and marriage was cleared up in an hour and a half country hallmark type movie.

Loving someone is work.

Loving someone hurts.

Loving someone is challenging.

Sometimes it’s even hard to love someone that you love.

Now, I have never been in a relationship. I have never even been in a flirtationship. But I know, now more than ever, that loving another human being is probably going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

It’s going to be hard to not take things personally.

It’s going to be difficult, being brutally honest when they ask for it.

It’s going to be a challenge for me to express how I feeling to this other person who holds my heart, and can do whatever they wish with it.

It’ll be tough to be one half of a whole.

But I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to fully devote myself to someone else.

I can’t wait to bicker, and have that one person who basically said yes to hearing you vent until the end of time.

I can’t wait to finally be with the person I waited all this time for.

The person I cried over so many nights, praying and asking God why he wasn’t here yet.

I read this quote today:

“Do not settle, please do not settle because there is someone out there who refuses to settle, and you are worth so much more than convenience and ease, you are worth a heart that fights for you.”

– T.B. LaBerge // Do Not Settle

I see all of these things popping out at me telling me love is hard, it’s tough, it’s work. Love is fighting for the other person.

I won’t choose convenience over real love.

Love is work.

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