People Can See It

We sat there with our friends, laughing until the darker hours. 

I was beaming from ear to ear at your jokes, your laugh. 

And I think people saw it.

I think they could see how I looked at you. How I smiled at everything you said because I truly believed it was worth my smile. 

I don’t know what it is about people on the inside, but they’re oblivious to it all. Well, at least I hope that you’re oblivious. Please be oblivious. 

I’m not ready for you to look at me with pity in your eyes because you don’t feel the same. 

It’s just, you make me feel safe, in a nervous sort of way. Like I know that you won’t hurt me, but I don’t know that. Because you could. And I’d let you, if it meant I could possibly have a chance. 

Because you treat me like a person, and I admire you for that. What I say matters, and you’re supportive. 

All I’m saying is that people are starting to see it. And I feel like soon enough so will you. 

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