Rant, vent, share it all.
I’ll try to catch you when you fall.
I’ll be here for you, if you ever need.
But don’t even ask me why I bleed.

It’s all about you, but please don’t ask about me.
My depths go further than ten thousand leagues beneath the sea.
If you have to go now, please go run and flee.
I don’t want to drag you down with me.

You see my surface and that’s too much.
Don’t come near me, don’t try to touch.
Oh, I’m scum. Honey, I’m dirt.
All I bring is the subtle hurt.

It stings at first. But then you’ll see.
You’ll wish you’d never even looked at me.
I wouldn’t blame you, or use harsh words.
If you need to go, baby fly like the birds.

The time will come, when he sees all I am.
He’ll see the broken, weakened man.
The one that I’d have done anything for.
The one with whom my childhood was torn.

He’ll look me in the eyes, and still see that child.
He’ll see a beauty that will make his heart go wild.
He’ll comfort, and hold, and bring me right in.
Because he will be the one, to see past my sin.

He will tell me that it’s okay, that he still loves me.
My past is past, and I’ve been set free.
He will say that it’s not what he sees when he looks in my eyes.
But that he sees a woman of God
free from the worlds lies….

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