If Your Friends Don’t Dance

This is wonderful. Please read it.

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There’s a brilliant scene in the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, that although was never a scene in the book, became my favorite scene in any of the movie adaptions.

Shit hits the proverbial and magical fan for Harry and company, and for a good ten minutes there is a montage of scenes that just show Hermione crying and Harry concentrated on the hopeless of the situation that they were in. The scene that really struck me begins with Hermione sitting inside of their giant tent listening to the radio as a melancholic Nick Cave track starts to play. Harry walks up to her and grabs her hand and they stand up and start to dance a bit; the camera starts quick-cutting showing them smiling a little bit, even showing Hermione laugh, and as the song slows down and starts to fade, so does her smile……

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