“How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy”

This quote basically killed me today. You want to know why? Because I cannot even count the number of people that have apologized for the sound, or decibel of their laugh. Sometimes, me and a friend of mine drive around in my car and one of us will laugh ridiculously, and then it spirals out of control into this unspoken contest of who can make the stupidest sounding laugh. And you know what? We laughed.

I’ve apologized for my laugh. Sometimes I’ll be at work and I’ll laugh at a friends joke, loudly, and I look towards our bosses office scared that he’ll come out and scold me for laughing. Even though he’s never given me a reason to believe he would actually do such a thing. Why is it that I feel I need to apologize for laughing? Why does anyone feel that way? It’s idiotic.

The only time that maybe I was justified for apologizing after a laugh, was on my first date when I laughed and water squirted out of my mouth. And I’m gonna be honest, that was probably my selling point, because I couldn’t really shake him.

I love laughing. I love crying because I’m laughing so hard. You really know that something is funny if you are alone and you are rolling around on the floor cracking up. I’m sure my quadmates all thought I was crazy from all the laughs they heard down the hall because I think everything is funny.

I usually always get insecure when someone points out my laugh. And it’s not even bad. Someone will be like, “I love your laugh.” And then I overanalyze everything they could be talking about. The sound? How my face looks when I laugh? How I basically open my mouth fully and let the sound echo up and out from my diaphragm?

I don’t get it. But I know that it’s a compliment that I’m no longer going to let make me feel insecure.

Laughter is beautiful. It’s probably one of the most amazing expressions of life. If you can make someone who is sad laugh, I think that you’ve done a great thing.

About two years ago in college, I remember struggling with myself and who I was. I remember I went through a time where I was even more insecure than I am now. I was sitting in one of my classes and all the sudden out of nowhere, like God was speaking right to my heart I heard Him say that he smiles when I laugh.

God smiles when I laugh. I understand now through that one quote that it’s basically what it is. Joy escaping our lips because we cannot contain it. And why wouldn’t God smile at His joyful children?

This is the most important thing. Knowing how to laugh and letting the joy consume you. Let your laugh echo in the late night hours. Let your stomach muscles clench so hard because you are laughing so hard. Let your laugh be and don’t be insecure about it. God smiles when you laugh.

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