Im Itching for Adventure

Lately I’ve just been feeling stuck.

I’ve been in this small town for a little over four years and it’s great and all, but I don’t think it’s what I want.

I want to be in a city where there are four seasons, not just hot and then a little less hot in the winter.

I want to wear layers, and be able to sit outside and drink hot coffee.

I actually want to walk around outside and explore without feeling like I’m going to break a sweat walking down the street.

I don’t want commitments, or things holding me down. I want to feel free.

I want to move to a random town for a couple of months just to see a new place.

I want to road trip the U.S. in a Jeep Cherokee with my guitar, cds, a tiny mattress and my journal.

I want to take pictures of the beautiful things and people that I see.

I just want adventure.

I’m tired of being here.

I think that I can handle being far away from my family if at least I’m doing something worth while.

I am itching for adventure.

And I know I’m just on the cusp of it.

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