Against the Clock

I feel as though I’m running against the clock.
I’m trying to rush it. I’m trying to make you know me as quickly as possible so that there’s more time left for other things.
I think that if you truly could see all of me that you would see my heart and possibly see what it feels for you.
I smile when I look at you, but I force myself to look away as to not seem too interested.
I won’t lie. The first time I ever encountered you I couldn’t stop staring at your mouth.
It wasn’t obvious. Hopefully.
But I just watched it, as word after word poured out. I wanted them to never stop.
I didn’t want the moment to end because I knew it wouldn’t be the same again.
Then that night came along. And it was more than anything I could have ever asked for.
And it was all over in time that was to quick to grasp.
I wanted more time. I wanted to stay.
I wanted to make every moment last.
Another minute. Another fact.
Another second. Another inside joke made and therefore more to have in common.
Another day goes by and I sit waiting for more opportunities.
It seems as though they are slipping away.
I’m trying. I want more moments with you. Even if they don’t amount to anything more than friendship.
I want to know you sir. And I want you to know me.
At this point. I can’t ask for anything more.
So as I race against the clock.
I will try to make every moment with you count.

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