I was in one of my classes this morning and like normal my mind was elsewhere. 

My teacher mentioned one thing and then off my mind goes on some other trail that ended with me thinking about the silence in the pauses a preacher makes. 

I thought about how those silences are sometimes awkward and I pictured the congregation awaiting patiently the words that would soon leave the preachers mouth. 

I thought of the type of preacher I would be. I think I would find comfort in the silence. It would be a type of pause for me to gather myself. I would want the congregation to be comfortable in the silence with me. 

I don’t think a lot of people know this about me, but I like silence. 

Even if the silence is awkward, a lot of the time you will find me smiling through it. 

Silence is where I find solace.

I am an internal processor. Usually I only process things verbally after I have given it an extreme amount of thought. 

I like silence because it’s soothing for me. 

I love music, and talking and watching movies. 

But there is something about sitting down with a book in silence and reading for hours on end. 

Something about just sitting there in silence. 

I like silence because it makes me feel alone. It helps me recharge. 

So as I sat there in my class wondering about what kind of preacher I would be, I sat silent, processing my thoughts. 

This, for me, is how it is. 

I like silence. 

I like solace.

I like myself this way. I’m comfortable with the silence, even if other people aren’t.


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