With all due respect sir

You don’t know me.
You don’t know what I’m thinking or what I feel.
You can’t see the hurt behind my smile.
And you definitely can’t see the compassion that floats just beneath the worried look that you think judges.
I have been struck down, and I have been gasping for air above these waters.
I have a mind that works nonstop except for the few glorious hours of silence I get from slumber.
I over think. I think deeply. I think in connecting dots that circle through my mind. The strain from thoughts displayed by my eyebrows.
No I can’t hide my emotions that well on my ever revealing face.
But at least I show emotion.
At least I choose to smile and wave when people look at me.
At least I offer kindness to those who are worried and hurt.
At least I encourage when people are stressed.
I don’t strike people when they are down, and I definitely don’t pretend to know them.
So with all due respect, not that you actually deserve it, you don’t know me.

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