I Have Lived

Today while I was at work, I found myself yet again going through the motions as I started wiping down one of the counters.

It’s gets to the point where you are so good at something, you can keep doing it without thinking, forcing your mind to wander elsewhere.

For some reason, today, my mind decided to wander to “What would happen if I died right now?”

It’s something I don’t normally think of, mainly because I don’t want to die.

However, I find that the biggest thing I fear is my future, because I have no idea what will happen.

Death seems easier to grasp at this moment. It’s more concrete, and final. Whereas, my future, well, nothing is set in stone, and I am terrified that I’m going to screw it up.

So I continue with wiping down the counter and think of the life that I’ve lived. I’ve done some pretty cool things, none of which would count as extraordinary, mediocre at best, but cool at least.

I’ve made wonderful friends, terrible mistakes, and at least one or two really good comebacks. Okay, one.

If I could look at my life played back to me, I would probably see a sad story about a girl who struggled her whole life to try and fit in, be funny, pretty, skinny, etc. I would see the girl who has no life experience at all. Just someone who has been sheltered, spoiled, and complacent.

My life so far, is not something that I would consider worth living for.

I realize that my whole life so far has led up to the moment where I will walk across that stage and get my degree. But what happens after? I am so scared, because I don’t know.

But you see, if I died right now, my dreams would die with me.

My dreams that have been put in my heart to reach out.

My dreams that will somehow lead me into my future, though I don’t know how yet.

I want to make so many things of this life. I want people to know that God loves them.

I want people to see His light in anything I do.

I don’t want life to be wasted. I want to look back on my life and be able to say that I have lived.

I am made for more than just the right now. God has a specific purpose for making me, and he’s going to use me, wherever I go.

My future should not be something I’m scared about, but something I am excited for.

I get to bring glory to God and live my dreams.

I know that when the time comes I will be able to say “I have lived.”

So I continued to wipe down the counters with a smile on my face, and a new hope for my future.

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