It was all in your look

The look that knew I was there.
The look that made me feel as though I was an actual person.
That you could see me.
Your look, the one that says “I’m being sincere…tell me honestly”
And yet, I kept up the wall.
I felt safe with your look, and yet it’s the same thing that makes me scared for my heart.
If I tell you too much, if I open up too much, only for you to turn in the other direction, how would my heart ever recover?
It’s crazy, but I think that I really do, like you.
But my hints have either fallen short, or I have.
I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out if I should bring it up.
It’s hard because I get the feeling that other’s feelings may be involved, and I don’t want to hurt anyone by making them feel how I felt ever day of high school, when I was the beautiful girl’s best friend.
It’s not easy, and I don’t want to rub it in.
But that doesn’t change my feelings.
It won’t change my heart.
I deserve more than settling, and at this point anyone else would be.
People keep saying you’re just a boy, there are others. But right now you’re the only boy.
I don’t care anymore. If I come on too strong.
Because what’s love, but a risk?
And what’s life without love?

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