What Happens When I Fall For You?

As I sit here this morning, a couple of things have been running through my head.

One of them, you. The other, me.

You see, lately I’ve been feeling as though I can’t say this. I won’t speak up because I’m truly afraid that I could ruin everything.

So I decided to share with the world, what probably will happen when I “fall for you.”

1. When I fall for you, I will go completely out of my way to see you. Not in a creepy, stand outside your window at night “out of my way,” but a “hey, I think I’ll go the long way to class so I can see you for two seconds” kind of way.

2. I tend to start caring way too much. When upsetting things happen to you, I empathize with you, but then somehow end up taking on the burden and in turn am also upset for the reasons you might be.

3. I’ll care for you. If you needed something, I would try my best to make it happen. That’s just who I am.

4. I’ll find it hard to not smile at you… This could make it pretty obvious… But nevertheless, tis true. It’s sometimes hard to make me smile non stop so, if you’ve done it, there are probably a few underlying factors as to why.

5. I’ll write you a song. You won’t know this, but I probably will have already. Cheesy as hell, and probably really terrible. But it’s got chords and words and by some definition that makes it a song.

6. I’ll attempt to distance myself from you physically. This is because somewhere deep down I will think I’m not good enough for you, so I will try to spare my heart the pain of hearing it from your lips.

7. I can’t eat as much. Not won’t (trust me), can’t. Somehow this “falling for you thing” is the only thing to turn me away from copious amounts of food.

8. I might try and drop hints in everyday conversation to try to get you to dig further. You may feel like you would be prying by asking, but i’ve dropped those hints on purpose so that you can.

9. I will start trying to get to know your interests. Not take them on as my own, but at least learn what you like and have an appreciation for it.

and lastly

10. I will finally come to the conclusion that there is no possible way that I can go on unless I tell you that I have fallen for you. This will probably come as a surprise to you, seeing as these hints aren’t really obvious at all. Not to most men at least. So you probably won’t even know that I have feelings for you.

I’m sure there are many more subtle things in my actions and words that could give it away, but then again, would you notice?

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