Why do they call them crushes?

When you have a “crush” on someone, it just means you like them right?
So why is liking someone described as a crush?
Let me say….

I see you across the hall and I wish you’d see me.
A crumpled little heart inside a girl who has only tried to be pleasing.
Those things they say take over the stomach? What are they Butterflies?
If that’s what these are than I don’t know why I’m not high in the sky.
When you talk to me I feel the coldness melt.
Shards of ice, to the ground these pieces pelt.
The hardness cracks and falls, a deconstruction of all my built up walls.
You see, now that I understand why.
They call them crushes because the high.
You feel so happy, giddy if you will.
But it’s the moment when you realize that none of its real.
You asked me a simple question, so much different than the others.
It seemed so sincere, I know you’re a good guy, I’ve seen your true colors.
As much as I wish that you’d write me a sonnet.
I can’t get passed the feeling, I’m not being honest.
If I was being honest, I’d tell myself no.
I’d tell myself that I’m being stupid and that I have to know.
This isn’t going to work out how you think.
So I lay here, in the darkness, dreading to fall asleep.
I know that I can’t dream of you.
You aren’t mine to dream of.
But as I close my eyes to sleep, I will know why they call it “crush”

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