Part of me wonders if I’ll ever have love.
Now, if you read my post about the famous three words being overused, you probably know that I have a hard time using those words lightly. “I Love You” has always been special to me.
Tonight a friend told me they loved me, and I sort of made some noise back…I still can’t bring myself to say it.
I walked next to her and wondered if I could ever actually say those words to a man and mean them.
It seems like some foreign thing to me.
Yes, I’ve never had a boyfriend so I wouldn’t understand.
So I think to myself, how will I know when I love him? What is love?
I think I’ve kind of figured it out, for me anyways.
Love for me is caring deeply for and about someone.
Love is knowing their past and even who they are now and accepting it, yes, but choosing to say “I love you in spite of this.”
Love is being up front, honest and forward with your feelings.
Love is choosing to be with someone because of their uniqueness, not the things that make them comparable to other people.
I can’t wait for the day when I finally realize that I am in love with someone, and love them just for who they are.
And I can only hope that they will love me for me.

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