What Made Me This Way?

I don’t know what made me this way.
I don’t know why I get defensive, insecure, and internally upset.
I knew they weren’t serious, but here I am upset and feeling ganged up on.
I made the right choice for me.
I will not apologize for that.
I think we get so caught up in caring what people think.
That we allow ourselves to be defined by their reactions to the things we do.
Why do I always say “me neither” when I ask someone if they like something I like?
Why do I need to explain the things I love to people? I love it. Get over it.
Why do I need to explain to people why I make the choices I make? That’s right, I don’t.
So why am I laying here wondering why it matters so much?
Why am I upset that people ganged up on me?
Because they are people that matter to me.
Sometimes we have to suck it up.
Sometimes we endure stupid things because deep down we truly love these people.
But does that mean we need to take in every negative thing they say? No.
Does that mean we need to feel terrible for making a choice that’s good for us? No. In a quote from a friend, “I’m allowed.”
So what do I say about people’s negative reactions to what’s best for you?
Just don’t give a damn.


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