Rejection and the Confidence From a Shaken Hand

When I was in high school I had this fear. I still have this fear, but I had it in high school too. 

It’s called the fear of rejection. 

Heard of it? 

Well, I was run by it. 

I used to think that people wouldn’t like me because of how I looked. I still sometimes think this. 

It was times like when people would hug me, or shake my hand that it would seem more evident. I didn’t think people even wanted to touch me, because deep down I felt that people didn’t think I was worthy enough to touch, or even hug. I felt that people would be disgusted with me. I wasn’t good enough for their “good” hugs, and their “real” handshakes, just their “i’m doing this because I did it to everyone else gestures.”

I could see how this mindset changed when I came to LIFE. I began hugging people. People were hugging me. I loved it. I loved “good” hugs. Giving them and receiving them. It seemed that those insecurities somewhat melted away a bit. 

However, until today I didn’t realize how much I really wanted the intentional. I wanted someone to be intentional with me. 

Today I introduced myself to a new student. Let me just tell you that this was a great moment today. A very great moment, and you can’t rain on my parade. 

I said, “Hey I’m Michelle” and he told me his name, and I kid you not, he shook my hand. Not one of those “I have to do this because you just introduced yourself” or the limp hand, dead fish handshakes. He was intentional and he gave me a firm handshake. 

Let me tell you. All day i walked around with confidence because a man was intentional enough to shake my hand like a real person should. 

People, be intentional with others, you never know how appreciated it might be. 

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