Last night I had the privilege to go out ice skating with a few of my friends and then a bunch of other people that I have never met before.

As we tried our best in balancing and not falling on our butts we not only bonded further, but I got to meet and laugh with people that I didn’t even know.

Now if you know me at all, you know that this is a great success, seeing as i’m an introvert and don’t say much when i’ve just met people.

I went in to this night thinking it could be awkward, but it ended up being a really fun night. One of many to come I hope.

I think that as i’ve grown older, i’ve grown more comfortable with myself and who I am and know that it’s okay to be who I am right away. That I don’t have to ease people into getting to know me. That i should just be myself right away, and if they like me they like me, if they don’t, well, their loss.

I’m not conceited, but i’ve become more confident.

I know that I try my hardest to be a good friend, and to have somewhat good morals. I know that I want to be there for people and to laugh with people and make people feel good about themselves. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?


This picture is of my roommate (on left) and I (on right) at a dance our school calls “social.” This woman is one of my best friends. Someone who knows me, and laughs with me, and laughs at me. She’s there when I need her and she is cute as hell. I’m glad that she is my friend and that she allows me to be these things with her as well.

Friends are people who allow each other to be who they are, all of who they are, without judgment, laughter maybe, but not judgment.

I enjoy these friendships and I know now that they are something that I need to appreciate more.

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