To move…or not to?

So, today was a big tornado of happiness, confusion, and hope. 

I walked up into my quad after my three hour class and set my stuff down in my room, and i hear from my quadmates room, “Hey Michelle! Do you want to move into an apartment?” Um Yes! Was my reaction in my mind. 

It took me so off guard that i legitimately couldn’t answer for a few minutes. I was so stuck on the idea of how cool it would be. I was walking about my room trying to clean up, and i couldn’t get it off my mind. Could i do it? 

So i walked into her room and sat down and we started talking about it. I said that i wasn’t leaving my roommate so she’d have to come, and obviously that was okay with her. 

We talked prices, and pros and cons and it started weeding it’s way into my mind and heart, this idea of moving out and living in an apartment that i could call home. But we’ve tried this before and it didn’t work out. 

Last year my roommate and I were going to get an apartment with my now roommate and another friend. It didn’t end up working out, and guess what? Neither of those girls came back to school anyways. Can you say dodged a bullet? Yeah, i thought so. 

But this is different. I’m six months from graduating. Then i can leave. If i want. 

This would be a big step, and it could propel me into legitimate adulthood, instead of putting all my weight on this college that’s felt more like a bubble than anything. I think i need to do it. 

I need to move. I need to take this next step into my adult life. This could be a domino effect that throws me into real life. 

It’s exciting, and scary, and it’s growing up. So i’m going to do it. I’m going to take the step, and i’m going to move. 

If my finances allow for it, and the pros outweigh the cons which they have so far, i’m going to move into an apartment and have my own apartment by the end of the month. 

This is crazy.

But i’m doing it. I’m so excited! 

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