I Move to Be With My Father

Chapel today was a huge wake up call. Well, at least more than usual. 

This woman spoke about her experience with going to Indonesia to love on women who are being sold into prostitution daily. 

After telling us this amazing story of love and compassion, she reads a letter she wrote to the school about compassion. 

A letter that is full of conviction to move. A letter that told the whole school that we need to move out with compassion. 

We need to be where the Father is. 

Like in the story of the Prodigal Son, the other son who stayed and was faithful, though he was doing what his father was asking of him, his father wasn’t even there. The son was in the house doing who knows what, and the father was moved by compassion to go to his returning son and to celebrate his coming home. 

She spoke about this moving because of compassion. She tells us that we all desire this comfortable home, but that God will not be there, he won’t give us this comfort. He wont be in the house with the fireplace and the warm cozy couch. He will be out in the road in the wind, waiting for us to follow because of compassion, to follow because we know the Lord isn’t there anymore. God has moved, and we need to follow Him with compassion. 

Yesterday, i was speaking to one of my pastors, the one from Massachusetts. And i basically poured out my heart to her telling her i had no idea what i was going to do. Then she asked what my options were, and i told her either go to Massachusetts where every bit of me would be stretched and shaped and grown, or go home. At home i would have the comfort of my family and my friends, but at Massachusetts i would be where i would grow.

I told her that in the past, i’ve always made decisions that would cause the most growth. This message was the perfect thing that i could have heard today. The “home” that this woman spoke of today, is the city of Hollister for me. The smooth country road, and the past, and everything i know. And going out, is this place in Massachusetts, where i would finally be forced to start living my dreams, where i would move to be with my Father. I can’t stay in Hollister because that’s not where my Father is anymore, He’s moved out, and moved on to more, and i need to follow Him. Because if there is one thing i will always do in my life, i move to be with my Father.  

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