Dream With Me

Today i was in my Organizational Dynamic class. It may sound boring… and well, it kind of is sometimes, but this class was actually interesting. 

We talked about certain types of motivational theories in the organizations. Motivation, something that propels you to do something. Kind of. 

So, i’m sitting there in class and i’m thinking about my future, and how i basically expect these opportunities to be handed to me. I want to be a recording artist, but i’m not perfecting my songs or trying to record them on my school’s campus where it’s free. I want to be a writer, but i’ve yet to finish any of the books i’ve started writing. And i have an amazing opportunity to go to Massachusetts, and i’m expecting some other thing to come along and take my mind off of the overly humid but lovely home of the Patriots. 

I need to get off my butt and do something. I need to make decisions, and make plans, and work harder than i am. 

I need to charge forward and hope for the best. I need to have faith that once i throw myself out there that everything i need will be provided for if i make room for God to provide. I need to plant the seeds and wait for the rain. I need to prepare for what God is going to bring. 

So as i’m sitting there in my classroom, i have this surge of motivation. This motivation that nothing can stop me. That i know whatever decision i make i can still live my dreams if i work really hard to make them happen. 

Dreams don’t fall into your lap. Is basically what i’ve been learning this year. Dreams don’t just happen. You will rarely find someone who tells you they are living their dreams, but didn’t do anything to get there. 

So this is the beginning. This is where the motivation starts. Where i can begin to live my dreams, by working my butt off to get there. 

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