I’m sitting on the couch in my dorm room, alone, contemplating my life… like always. 

When i glance over at my shelf full of movies. At least seventy of them, all waiting to be borrowed, watched, and put back to collect dust. 

I don’t know when my obsession started, probably somewhere around freshmen year. When i discovered that Target had five dollar movies, and i had a steady pay check. Buy three at a time and seventy movies later you have a mini collection that you don’t really watch all the time. 

Think about it, you have your favorites, but then all of the other ones just sort of sit there, neglected. It’s sad. 

But it doesn’t stop you from grabbing more and taking them to the checkout on black Friday. I mean… Not that you guys do that. 

You see, i realize all this, and yet i still have this weird thing where i want them. I want the movies that make me laugh. I want to see the stories that make you cry because they are so beautiful. I desire to see fighting scenes with aliens and superheroes flying through New York where the Tesseract is on the top of the Stark Tower. I LOVE being a nerd. I love having the Harry Potter movies (one day soon i will have the Star Wars collection as well). I love the idea of having movie nights with friends and having movies to choose from. People connect and relate to movies (most of the time). They come together and spend ten bucks to watch them on a huge screen for dates or even just by themselves (It’s not weird guys!!) 

I understand that these are just movies. They aren’t real life, even the ones based off of a true story are a little skewed. But i think that is where i find the beauty in it. People were so creative and so imaginative to come up with these movies that move other people to dream. Of course not all movies were made with such imagination, but you get my point. I think i love movies so much because of the wonderful stories i get to remember. I know that even though the movies i have sometimes sit and collect dust, they will always be sitting there waiting for me when i need a good laugh, or a good cry. 

Sometimes i watch movies to lose myself in them, and take a little break from reality, and that’s alright. But if you’re anything like me, you sometimes think that movies are unrealistic (but i totally love them anyways). Movies aren’t real life, i know, i get it. But that does not mean that you can’t dream the way the people in movies do, and it does not mean that good things only happen to people in movies. Good things happen to those who strive to make them happen. Even the actors in the movies had to work hard and audition for those roles. Every movie is an inspiration in the fact that so much work was put in to having it made. 

This is why i love movies so much. Let me just encourage you to go grab your favorite movie, and just take a break from reality for a while. Get lost in a wonderful movie, and dare to dream. 


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