Always Hope

I thinks humans are just made to be able to withstand pain.
This is just my opinion, obviously, that’s what blogs are for, opinions, or crazy random happenstances.
But anyways. Yes, I do believe that God made humans to be able to withstand great and severe amounts of pain.
Especially women. But that’s all I’m going to say about that.
You see, I hear all these stories about people and how they got a certain scar. And it’s funny now, or at least it’s a story to talk about.
Isn’t that what going through things is about? The story? The experience? The gain?
It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that we desperately need pain in our lives.
We need the struggle. It’s the only reason we grow. It’s the only reason we prosper. It’s the only way we see the light.
We’ve felt pain, we’ve been in droughts, and we’ve walked in darkness.
Then when we FINALLY see that little sliver of light, that hope that we have desperately needed, we sling shot forward, out of the darkness, the pain, and the drought.
We can see the light and appreciate its beauty.
And then somehow, all the suffering and the pain from being in the dark all seems worth it.
And you have a story. And you’ve felt the hope and the warmth of light on your skin, so when you fall back into another darkness that’s somehow even more pitch black, you have something to hold on to.
But this time is different, even though it may seem harder, you now have the hope and you know it won’t last forever, because you’ve seen the light before and you know it’s there.
So we all have these stories, and the dark times, and after every time our hope gets stronger and the light gets brighter and all together these stories complete our lives.
Life spent in the pain that our being was made so wonderfully to withstand, and even in this pain, there is hope. Always hope.

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