I tend to take certain things in my life and turn them into analogies to relate them to… my life…

“Well what do you mean?” She said to me, wondering what i actually meant. 

Recently i ordered an iPhone 5c, it’s pink, it’s 16gb, and it gets here today. Well i pre-ordered it last week and lets just say this has been the longest week of my life. 

As i made the realization that i am a terribly impatient person i realized that there are other things in my life i could relate this week to. 

So, i want a man, a good one. So i’ve waited somewhat patiently for the past, i don’t know, twenty one years. 

Well the thing about this guy is that, i have no idea when he’s going to come along, which is fine, but when you have that mindset you are always ready. He could show up next friday, or today, or five minutes from now when he walks into the coffee shop and accidentally spills his coffee on me so he has to buy me dinner. Not that i would want to date a man that clumsy 😉

But anyways, any moment in time he could show up. 

With my phone, i know when it’s getting here, i knew it would get here this afternoon, so it made my whole week almost unbearable and made me impatient to no end. 

If i knew the person this guy was, or when he was going to get here. Could you imagine how impatient i would get. How much i would just want to drop everything and wait all week for him to get here? Good Lord that week would be the worst week of my life. And you can tell how much more important this man is than some dumb iPhone that will be worthless in a year. 

I’m impatient already, and knowing would only amplify it by like times twenty. 

So, sometimes i tend to take certain things in my life and relate them to other things in my life. 

But i’m not waiting for a phone here, i’m waiting for the man of my dreams, the one who is a little sarcastic, but gets my humor and laughs with me, the one who loves God more than anything. And knowing that, i will be perfectly fine waiting for him, for a long time. 

I already love him. 

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