“You look beautiful today”

She said to me as i took a bit of my morning oatmeal.

Just a compliment to make me feel better, right?

But where does my mind immediately go?


Why do we go there?

Why do we, when someone tells  us we look beautiful, or handsome, or good today, why do we immediately go to the negative?

I answer her back saying, “just today, got it!”

And then she replied, “Well, especially beautiful today.”


This summer was a summer of growth for me, with singing, and with being in a church setting.

But more than anything, i grew in my self-respect and confidence.

I think grew out of the person who hated looking at herself in the mirror.

I know that God made me and that in itself makes me beautiful.

I am God’s daughter and that title is beautiful.

My identity is in Christ, who is a wonderful powerful savior.

What does that make me? Ugly? Fat? a waste of skin? NO!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I AM beautiful!

There is no reason why, when someone tells you you look beautiful today, you need to think it only means you are beautiful on that day.

There is always someone who will think you are beautiful. Because you are. Always. No matter how thrown together you feel, or if you don’t have make-up on.

You are beautiful. I think you are beautiful.

Take the steps today to believe it yourself. You have so much to offer, so don’t let your doubts about your looks interfere with what God made you for.

Because YOU are beautiful.

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