This is Me

This is Me

We all have those friends who take pictures of us.
And then we beg to see the camera so we can, after, beg them to delete the awkward angle/fat looking/ double chin photos.

We’ve all done it. I’m sure.

This picture was taken a few months ago when i was hanging out with my soon to be roommate and friend of three years.

We went up to the mountains and we took pictures, mostly of random poses, or me and my other roommate at the time fake flashing the winding road below.

But this picture in particular stood out to me among the ones she showed me right away.

I look truly happy don’t I?

I had this picture as my profile picture for a long time because it does truly portray who i am in one picture. I LOVE to laugh.

It’s not the most flattering of pictures, i mean i don’t think i look bad, but it’s not classic “pretty.”

But i sure look happy, and i know that at the time i was.

Seeing this picture encourages me to strive for the happiness that i had.

Sure i complained about being single. But now i just think, “who the heck cares?”

No one else cares that i’m single why should I? It’s like some idea engraved on our brains when we are little, that we need guys or girls to make us happy. We NEED the love of our lives!
Well, as i stated in my last blog post, i already have mine.

And i’m going to choose to be this me. To be myself.

Someone who laughs at almost everything, someone sarcastic, someone who loves what i love and i don’t need to change it for anyone.

I’m happy. Because i choose to be.


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