Love of My Life

How can they not notice?

She’s sitting alone, you can see it in her eyes, she’s dying inside.

Past loves left her dry and future loves leave her hanging on tomorrow hoping he’ll come along or wishing that the fire she sits in front of would sweep her into the flames if he doesn’t truly exist.

Does he exist though?

This man who will make her truly happy?

A man who will care for her and hold her when she needs the comfort she needs now.

A man who will lead, and pray, and love, without ceasing.

Does he exist?


She sits there wondering if she’ll ever not be alone, as she sits on a crowded beach, with “friends” all around her.

Hold me, she whispers into the air hoping that no matter where he is he can hear her and feel her pain.

As she feels the fire-warmed wind brush past her face and push her hair from her face.

She knows he is there.

The one who truly cares, truly loves, and will always give her joy.

Her Lord who encompasses her with his presence as she longs for a love that has never and will never be extinguished.

She sits content with her feet buried in the sand and stares at the fire watching the flames rise up, as the fire in her heart begins to stir.

The love of God fills her, and she is finally satisfied. 

She has found the love of her life. 

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